Kid's Meal Programs

Kid's Meal Programs

Create and design quality Kid’s Meal programs that enrich the lives of kids, promote meaningful fun, and bring families together. Our proprietary and unique toys bring delight, inspire care, have a high perceived value and a long-term shelf life. From the moment a child opens the prize, the experiences are special and uniquely Chick-fil-A.

Program: Paint-by-Sticker
A compelling crafting experience that made ‘real art’ out of traditional coloring. Each SKU in the Paint-by-Sticker program included everything needed to create vibrant, full-color “paintings.” The prizes consisted of an art exhibit with a frame, a postcard, a poster and a puzzle.

Our Solution
We worked with the Paint-by-Sticker creative and development teams to align on the best, most visually compelling retail SKUs to leverage for the program, simplifying the play experience to appeal to the widest range of kids possible. In doing so, we maintained the integrity and level of play inherent to Paint-by-Sticker while empowering kids to channel their inner-artist.

Program: Mudpuppy
Mudpuppy believes in the power of art in everyday life. The Mudpuppy Kid’s Meal consisted of five imaginative craft kits that fostered creativity and inspired free play. Each puppet included stickers and punch-outs to personalize a variety of characters, including a deer, fox, raccoon, bird, and owl.

Our Solution
Strottman leveraged Mudpuppy’s mission and signature aesthetic to create an experience rooted in self-expression and creativity. Each puppet craft kit provided enough materials to customize your character, while the paperboard tubes and boxes stored extra stickers and punchouts for a future craft. Once the puppets were personalized, the play experience extended beyond the craft to self-expression, imagination, and role play.

Program: My Garden
This Chick-fil-A Signature program focused on the magic and wonder of seeing a garden grow, offering kids gardening tools and activities to encourage exploration and improve self-esteem. This 5-prize program included a garden trowel, a garden fork, a hole digger, a rake and a watering can.

Our Solution
To create a relevant experience for the widest range of curious kids possible, we developed a program that could be enjoyed in any environment – with or without a backyard.  Each tool and activity encouraged safe play and imagination, while a sticker sheet was included for immediate play value.  The gardening tools included were of retail quality – durable and made from real plastic.

Program: Cooking Club
There’s no better organization that can express the heart and joy in cooking than Chick-fil-A themselves. This Chick-fil-A Signature program celebrated the spirit of family time in the kitchen. Each SKU consisted of a recipe card with activities and a cooking tool to be used as part of the experience. Prizes in the program consisted of various cooking tools, including a spatula perfect for Saturday morning pancakes and a cookie cutter for the sweet tooth in all of us.

Our Solution
We worked with the chef’s at Chick-fil-A to develop kid-appropriate recipes that were both safe and fun to make. From a festive snack mix to a pumpkin pie parfait, all recipes were designed to encourage family time in the kitchen while enticing even the pickiest eater’s tastebuds. The utensils included in the program were of retail quality – made from plastic and wood.

Program: Crayola
Crayola continues to be one of the most recognized and popular brands among kids and parents. Each Crayola themed meal consisted of five premium experiences that celebrated creativity and inspired to kids to use their imagination. Prizes for this program included a Storybook Artist set, a Roll-n-Draw set, a Colorful Texture Safari kit, a Color Critter Box and a Crayola-gaming set.

Our Solution
Through our collaboration, we sought to align the iconic Crayola brand with the values that have made Chick-fil-A stand out.  Each kid’s meal was high on entertainment value and allowed for multiple play occasions per SKU. Because a crayon was included with every prize, it was important for each experience to rally around coloring or drawing.

Program: Brain Quest
Brain Quest is a best selling educational brand that infuses fun into curriculum based activities. This program consisted of eight mini activity decks that posed questions and provided answers to challenge the mind across various categories. Each deck consisted of sixteen cards with content geared toward kids ages six through eight.

Our Solution
We worked closely with Brain Quest to curate appropriate content from their existing retail products and create new content as needed. Unlike the age-specific retail decks, these custom mini decks were curated for all ages, so content was thoughtfully created to appeal to the largest audience and inspire endless fun.

Program: Toddler’s Book Series
Chick-fil-A was the first QSR to offer programs for toddlers and infants. We invited kids three and under to enjoy mini versions of adored retail books that spanned multiple categories. Each program included at least four board books, offered year-round and rotated on a quarterly basis.

Our Solution
We identified popular authors with bestselling titles whose content could live ‘beyond the bag’ and bring families together in the home. We collaborate closely with multiple publishing teams, crafting the best stories inspired by the retail books that would engage young families. Each board books in the program included a front and back cover with an iconic red spine to easily stand out on the bookshelf.