Strottman Announces New Toy Lines

Two new toy lines are set to be introduced to the market by September 1st, 2019.

Irvine, CA |6/24/19| – Strottman International announced Monday that they will be launching two new toy lines that will hit market on September 1st, 2019.  The two building set lines, known as Gujo and Linxies respectively, will target children ages 6-11 and be available for purchase at local retailers and online.

Gujo is a series of building sets that merges play with creativity and customization.  With rocket ships and shopping trips, Gujo gives kids the flexibility to build each set any way they’d like.  Along with the help of the lovable Gujo characters, there’s a new adventure to be had every day.  Gujo will launch with three separate SKUs: Space Station, Rocket and Main Street.

Linxies is a new series of children’s building sets that uses small plastic pieces and panel pieces to create fun playsets for kids to enjoy.  From pirates looking for buried treasure to cowgirls feeding their favorite unicorn, Linxies naturally prompts every child’s imagination to bring each world to life, one piece at a time! Aimed towards a younger audience than Gujo, Linxies will launch with two large-scale SKUs: Pirate Adventure and Unicorn Barn.