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Kids Brands as Main Course

Maybe it’s our full immersion in the latest season of MasterChef Jr. that’s got us going all culinary with our metaphors…But recently, we’ve noticed that the kids brands that are winning with kids tend to share a common strategy – they treat their kids offering like a critical accompaniment to their main course, not an-easy-to-ignore side.


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Retail Re:Play

Today’s leading retailers know that Millennials and their kids see retail environments as places for entertainment, with shopping on the side.

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Sensitive Sports

While sports have been a mainstay in kids’ culture for as long as we can remember, today’s most powerful plays involve teaching kids character lessons in ways that only athletics can.

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Kid-First Dining

Dining has always been a family affair, but Millennial parents are seeking dining experiences that focus more on the kids than on themselves - and brands are catching on.

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High-Touch Tech

Today’s kids are not just Digital Natives. They were born of a world that is just as much about touch as it is about tech.

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